The Danger of Moles

I am a survivor of malignant melanoma, the most dangerous kind of skin cancer.   Luckily it was caught early and was just sitting there waiting to be excised.

What follows is a short article by my father about when do worry about your moles.


The Danger of Moles


by Dr. Robert A. Burns


A mole that should come off is one that is showing changes, that is, signs of growth — change in size, change in pigmentation


ie) spread of pigment beyond the original mole, darkening of pigment, white, pink or brown spots in the mole.


Malignant Melanomas
A – Asymmetry

B – Border irregularity

C – Color change

D – Diameter 5mm (pencil eraser size) or bigger


Dr. Robert A. Burns worked for many years as a dermatologist in British Columbia.

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