Tal Ben Shahar, the Science of Happiness

Tal Ben Shahar, the Science of Happiness

Tal Ben Shahar, his life and his explanation of the Science of Happiness in Positive Psychology has helped thousands of people around the world.

It is well documented that Norman Cousins used laughter and humor to cure himself of a serious illness. He was only given a few months to live, so he thought why not enjoy himself. It worked, then he wrote about it.

“Half the beds in our hospitals are filled with people who worried themselves into them.”

–Dr. Charles H. Mayo, Founder, Mayo Clinic

I read Shahar`s book a few years ago which outlined his life story and how he came to study why or when people are happy, and the nature of happiness.

Shahar as a teenager had spent many years practicing to be the badminton champion of Israel, only to find that upon becoming champion, the happiness of this moment was fleeting. He decided then to study the nature of what makes people happy.
The best psychology lecture on the Internet

Maybe the single best psychology lecture on the Internet is Tal Ben-Shahar’s entertaining and possibly-life changing overview of Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness. Ben-Shahar, a psychology instructor at Harvard, talks about recent psychological research into what makes people happy. The answers won’t surprise you: it’s about relationships, meaningful work, simplicity and gratitude. Ben-Shahar also gives some easy tips on how to improve your own happiness, such as keeping a gratitude journal.

For a more detailed look at positive psychology see UC Berkeley psychology professor Dacher Keltner’ course on Human happiness.

Positive thinking is very important, especially when feeling down.Just changing our thoughts can start us on our way to feelingbetter,…even happy!

Self Empowerment Secrets

A site to share on empowering tips and techniques to unleash the hidden power within you. You will learn to use what you have learn here in your real life and will lead you to success. Learnsome self-empowerment secrets on Positive Thinking.

Shahar answers questions on making work less drudgery.

To Kevin`s English Schools

To Dr. Weil`s Spontaneous Happiness

To Spontaneous Happiness

African Spirituality

African Spirituality,

“The Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert talk about two “hungers.” There is the Great Hunger and there is the Little Hunger. The Little Hunger wants food for the belly; but the Great Hunger, the greatest hunger of all is the hunger for meaning….



There`s ultimately only one thing that makes human beings deeply and profoundly bitter, and that is to have thrust upon them a life without meaning….



There is nothing wrong in searching for happiness….But of far more comfort to the soul…is something greater than happiness or unhappiness, and that is meaning. Because meaning transfigures all….Once what you are doing has for you meaning, it is irrelevant whether you`re happy or unhappy. You are content–you are not alone in your Spirit–you belong.


(Sir Laurens van der Post from “Hasten Slowly,” a film by Mickey Lemle)p. 112 “The Shift,” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

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