Tai Chi for Beginners

Tai Chi for Beginners

Tai Chi for Beginners, some simple steps to learn how to do it,and how to enhance your chi.

What is Tai Chi?

It is a martial art that will enhance your mind and body. It increases stamina, strength, balance and will even help with inner ear issues and improve your focusing skills. Although tai chi study can be complex and there are literally thousands of movements, like many things, learning basic tai chi is not difficult.

Just be sure you get a very good teacher once you want to move on from basic classes, as few teachers have mastered the complex moves. Many teachers know the basic form but not much more.

Some Simple Steps for Cultivating Chi

1. Be cheerful

2. Breathe

3. Move your body

4. Rest your body

5. Master your emotions

6. Meditate

7. Simplify

8. Spend time in nature

9. Eat well

10. Cultivate an awareness of your surroundings

–p. 117 “The Tao of Abundance,” Laurence G. Boldt
Tai Chi is a very complex system. yet the basics are easily learned and you can learn these fundamentals from many sources. So don`t be discouraged. To Tai Chi Movements

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Tai Chi Exercises for Beginners

Opening Moves

# To start your tai chi workout, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent with your back straight. Keep your eyes focused forward with your chin slightly tucked down.

Read more: Best Way – Tai Chi Exercises for Beginners | eHow.com


Some Great Quotes:


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don`t matter, and those who matter don`t mind.”


–Dr. Seuss, the children`s writer



“Don`t ask what the world needs; don`t ask what others think you should be doing with your life. Instead, ask yourself what makes you come alive–because, more than anything else, what the world truly needs are men and women who have come alive. What the world needs is the natural sincerity of people living their passion in a way that makes other people`s lives better. This is what being authentic looks like…and this, in my humble opinion, is what Lao-tzu ,meant when he called this second cardinal virtue of natural sincerity something that shows up as “honesty and a determination to be faithful to one`s truest, most authentic self.”


–Dr. Wayne Dyer, “The Shift,” p. 95

Read about the classes, meetings and conferences happening in Japan. Have a class or upcoming event? Tell us about it! “To help us bring benefit to others through our words and actions, it is useful to cultivate an attitude of sympathetic joy in others’ achievements and good fortune. This attitude is a powerful antidote against envy, which is not only a source of unnecessary suffering on the individual level but also an obstacle to our ability to reach out and engage with others.”

–Dalai Lama

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