Synchronicity and all that Stuff

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

” I’m convinced God put me here to accomplish a certain number of things;
right now, I’m so far behind I’ll never die.”

–Petya Lowe, Circle of Light

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

“Everything in this universe is part of an uninterrupted sequence of events.”

–Mamoru Mohri, Japanese astronaut

Tokyo, Japan
Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri, feels that in the borderless era we live in now, the acceptance of
cultural diversity and globalization is very important. “Once people take a broader , more long-term view
of the things going on around them, it can give them a totally new perspective on life,” said Mohri according
to a press report.

Indeed many people cannot see very far into the future. They are so preoccupied with paying bills, raising their
kids and keeping up with commitments that they don’t have time to think about what it all means. Like ants, off to
work we go. Mohri feels, “Japanese people today still seem to be suffering from the shock of the bursting of the
(economic) bubble. But if they take a more long-term view, they will realize that they are better off than during
the aftermath of World War 2. Or from a different geological perspective, is our economy really bad compared with
that of some other countries?” He stated in a recent press release.

Japanese are very lucky to have been born in this great country. A country largely free of crime, even with the latest
crime statistics, compared to many places, we are very safe. In my twelve years here, I was bumped by a drunken
bosozoku in front of Nakano Station as a joke, but that was it. I have never felt in danger. I am disgusted to admit
that I went back to Vancouver for a couple of weeks a few years ago and was almost attacked by an East End gang.
A security guard with a walkie-talkie happened to be at the sky train station I was at. I had helped a Malaysian man
to buy his train ticket and missed my train in the process–setting up my meeting with “The Gang.” Lucky for me,
or should I say, synchronous for me, the security guard was there and I was saved. Like a Michael Crichton thriller,
I could see the gang coming up the road to the station on both sides of the street, looking tough and hungry for a fight.
They entered both sides of the station cutting off all escape. It still gives me shivers to think that I was saved by
one guy and a walkie-talkie. But if you buy into Mohri’s philosophy, perhaps I needn’t have worried.

I am typing this article on a computer, something my father could scarcely imagine in the 1920’s when he was a kid.
We’ve come a long way technologically, yet spiritually and even pragmatically, we know so little about the world and
universe we live in. The oceans are still a big mystery to us (the self-proclaimed masters of Earth), and we are still
discovering new species of animals on our own planet. I am not convinced we are the masters however. By our
virus-like, take over of the world, we seem to think that we are the chosen ones. I think the dolphins may have it over us.
They have a huge brain and can communicate over many miles with sonar. They also
know how to live together, and they don’t discriminate–a dolphin, is a dolphin, is a dolphin. Why can’t we do that?
Why do we think that if you have the most advanced technology you are the most advanced species? In terms of
how we treat our fellow humans I think we lag behind many other animals.

In view of our huge lack of knowledge about the planet, as well as our universe, it is interesting that so many
of us rule out things like ghosts, out of body experiences, miracles and the like. How can we be so
confident about anything, when science cannot explain so many phenomenon? Perhaps there is a psychological
explanation for this. Maybe it is too scary to admit to ourselves that we really know so little. We really are just
toddlers in the universe of life.

Mohri said to the Japanese press that while up in space he was struck by “…the uncanny resemblance
between the molecules under his microscope and the Earth’s topology unfolding behond the window of the space shuttle.”
It’s all about perspective my dear Watson. If you can stand back and really look at your life, or the life of our planet,
you can see things you have never imagined. A part of me wonders if UFOs and things of that nature, don’t appear just to
those ready to receive them. Sounds kind of religious doesn’t it? I just mean that maybe certain people’s consciousness
operates in a way that they can see mulitidimensionally. Perhaps this is what psychics are like.

Like human magnets I think you see and attract what you want. Perhaps that is why
things like out of body experiences are still largely unexplored by the scientific community. Most scientists just
cannot relate and it doesn’t fit into their world view. Even Einstein was bothered by the fact that his theories
supported a chaotic world view, as opposed to an orderly, predictable one. Einstein, the consummate scientist, wrote
theories that smack of theology and spiritualism. He once said that either you believe that everything is a miracle
or nothing is. I believe the former to be true with qualifications. “God is subtle, but he is not malicious,” remarked
Einstein at Princeton University in May of 1921. I think that’s true too. God isn’t a jerk, God does whatever is
necessary to teach us.

In view of how little we know, it is interesting how closed minded most of us are. Open your eyes to strange
phenomenon, search for them in your home, neighbourhood, and sky. Open your ears to unique sounds, really
try to listen before you go to sleep, you may be surprised what is there that you have ignored for so long.
Don’t shy away or be scared of strange things, everything was strange at one time. There is much more here
than we can see.

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