OCD Self Test

OCD Self Test

OCD Self Test, how to know if you or a loved one has OCD?

Millions of people have OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and some famous and successful people at that! If you have it,you are certainly not alone! It is estimated that between 1-2%of people have OCD. Do you?

Take the test from OCD Chicago. They state that the test is completely confidential, plus it is free to take.
Take the OCD Chicago OCD Self Test

Natural Remedies for OCD

When thinking of natural remedies for OCD, one of the most simple, common sense, and probably so obvious that most people miss it, is simply taking good care of yourself.

Explore some of the natural remedies that are safe and easily available

OCD Cure

While there isn`t an outright cure for OCD at the moment, there are various treatments that you can try that will greatly alleviate your symptoms, so that you can become better at going longer and longer – symptom free!

There is one form of treatment that you can do yourself, so it costs as much as a paperback book!

Explore one of the best treatments available now!

OCD Cure

OCD Cure, how therapy can free you from obsessive compulsive behavior.

Run! Don`t walk! To the bookstore and get the book “Brain Lock,”by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD.

In it Schwartz talks about a four step treatment method to changeyour brain chemistry.

The four steps are great and surprisingly simple, and yet theyare very effective. The important thing is to keep practicingthem, like you would a sport, and you will get better and betterat Schwartz`s program.

Another good thing about his approach is it is drug free. So you can avoid medication if you are against that approach, oryou can use it along side your medication and it will enhanceits effectiveness.

(Pictured: a meditator in action. Meditation is a great idea for people suffering from OCD, as it helps get a hold of a worrying mind.)

The Four Steps in a Nutshell

* Relabel – “It`s not me – It`s my OCD.”

* Reattribute – “Unlocking your brain”

* Refocus – “Wishing won`t make it so”

*Revalue – “Lessons learned from OCD”

One problem with OCD is that it is sneaky. It is difficult to know if this worry is OCD or a legitimate worry. If a bus is about to hit you, that is a legitimate worry! You had better run out of the way! But OCD thoughts and worries can sneak up on you. With Schwarz`s book you can learn to recognize what is OCD and what is not, and how to relabel your worries and refocus your thoughts.

Schwartz talks about OCDers suffering from having a sticky gearshift when it comes to shifting to more happy thoughts. With his program you will learn to shift gears to new more positive thoughts more easily.

I can`t recommend this book enough if you or a loved one sufferfrom OCD!


About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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