Natural Remedies for OCD

Natural Remedies for OCD


by Kevin R Burns

When thinking of natural remedies for OCD, one of the most simple, common sense, and probably so obvious that most people miss it, is simply taking good care of yourself.

Making sure you get enough sleep, and eat a balanced diet – basically do all the things your mother or grandmother told you.

I know it isn`t rocket science and you were probably hoping for more, but sometimes the best ideas come in simple wrapping.

Probably many people experience more OCD and more severe OCD symptoms when they are overtired, and not eating right.

“Work on yourself each day to bring a more peaceful stance into your life. Take time to meditate, practice yoga, read poetry, go for solitary walks, play with children and animals, or do anything that will give you a feeling of loving and being loved.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer,

from his Facebook Page

Natural Remedies for OCD – Omega 3

“Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of the anxiety disorders, and is a potentially crippling and chronic condition. Those who suffer from OCD are caught in a cycle of repetitive thoughts and behaviors that interfere with even simple, everyday tasks. Although they often realize the behaviors are senseless, the compulsion to perform them remains extremely difficult to defeat. Although OCD symptoms typically begin during the teenage years or early adulthood, some children develop the illness at earlier ages, including the preschool years. In addition to seeking appropriate psychological and psychiatric counseling, I recommend that people diagnosed with OCD consider taking fish oil supplements, which contain omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids have been shown to be effective in a wide range of psychological conditions.”

–Dr. Andrew Weil, MD

Dr. Weil – What is OCD?


The problem with OCD thoughts is that they keep repeating like a broken record. It is difficult to turn them off.

One of the main purposes of meditation is learning to control your thoughts, – your focus if you will. What a strength it is when you can simply ignore your intrusive OCD thoughts, and meditation can help with that (in my opinion).

Meditation will relax you as well, making it more difficult for OCD to act up. Relaxed people don`t tend to get OCD thoughts.

You tend to get them when we are agitated, and the more agitatedyou become, the worse the OCD thoughts become.

The more you learn to turn them off or ignore them, the more your power over OCD improves as well! OCD will actually weaken the better you get at controlling your thoughts and ignoring the OCD thoughts.

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2 Responses to Natural Remedies for OCD

  1. Andy Shenker says:

    Ayurvedic Herbs and Traditional Chinese medicines offer some natural remedies for our day to day illnesses. They are also effective like traditional medicines in most cases.*

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  2. Fahim Aman says:

    Everyone should be careful about disease like OCD. because without OCD cure you can’t think of your life happily.

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