Love is all you Need

Love is all you Need

by Susan Tuck

“Transcending labels that you’ve placed on yourself or that others have placed upon you opens you up to the opportunity of soaring in the now in any way you desire.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

“We dance around the circle and suppose while the secret sits in the center and knows” – Robert Frost

Picture of White Heron by Richard Baladad

Picture of White Heron by Richard Baladad

Love is all you Need

After living in the Middle East for several years, Yemen (3), Egypt (2) and
Cyprus (l) I feel that the only way to combat terrorism is through education
and the ability to trust yourself. I loved the poor, Yemeni muslim people
and Afghanistan reminds me of them and it is especially like Yemen in
terrain and mountain size and color. I know there are extremists in all of
these countries, but they are a minority. Unfortunately, the easiest thing
in the world is to stereotype people. All muslims are now the enemy.

Thank God I gave up turbans in the l960s. I am originally from Seattle, a liberal
place but lived in Kentucky for the last l3 years and conservatism prevails
there. I saw racism and the fear of the unknown paramount in the thinking
there. This is one reason I won’t ever return to Kentucky and the Midwest.
I agree with Kevin Burns that education is the only way. However, I have always
felt and still feel that the only way to eradicate racism and prejudice is
to have a friend of another nationality and falling in love is even better.

Only love helps us to erase our misgivings. We see underneath the skin, we
see underneath the different facial features. The Little Prince was so
correct. He told us to always see with our heart and he told us that once
we had tamed the fox, the fox was no longer scary to us. He also told us
that even when our best freinds leave us, their memory is of the most
importance. When the Little Prince left the fox for good; yes, the fox was
sad. But what did he say: “Your hair has always reminded me of the color
of the wheat as it blows gently in the wind. Now the wheat has symbolized
you. When I look at the wheat, it is the color of your hair that I am
reminded of.”

After losing my Mom, Dad, brother and two former boyfriends,
I am often reminded of how they visit me through what they loved. The smell
of a gardenia for my brother, Mark, a beautiful garden or a flight of birds
surrounding me for Mom and a jazz song played by a tenor sax musician for
Dad and any book by John Irving for Paul and any thing about the country of
Turkey for Dave.

I think if President Bush said he would give a tax break to
any American who goes out of their way to meet and become friendly to a
fellow American/Muslim and inivite he/she to dinner and have this recorded
someway…this would do more for peace than anything else. Yes, we should
give the land back to the Palestines. I have seen the land they want. It
is desert land and not pretty; give it back. It is just land. Well I guess
the only two things I know for sure: Love never dies and that there are no
coincidences. Take a foreigner to lunch. Break the cultural barrier. Love
the one who is different. It is easy to love people like you. Stretch your
soul. You will be greatly blessed.

Susan Tuck

Susan Tuck is a former French & English Teacher at Kevin’s English Schools in Kanagawa, Japan She had her own radio show in America called “Tuck Talk.”   She holds two masters degrees.

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