Are We Spirit & Live Forever?

Are We Spirit & Live Forever?

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Or When We Die, Do the Little Buggies Eat Us?

“Hello, I’d like to connect with my higher self.”
“Is this a collect call sir?”
“Okay, I’ll put you through now.”…………
I’m sorry sir, your higher self will
accept the charges.”

“The story of my life!”

–Kevin Burns

Are We Spirit & Live Forever?
Or When We Die, Do the Little Buggies Eat Us?

This is my current life question. James Redfield in the Celestine Prophecy alludes to the
fact that we don’t need to figure out the answers, rather we need to figure out our
current life question. The above is mine. What’s yours? If you can figure out the question
Redfield observes, the answer will come.

I have been studying psychic phenomena and out of body experiences, hoping to have
a few of my own. So far I haven’t had much success. However there have been a few
coincidences which I am told I should not ignore, so I don’t. I now try to glean meaning from
every coincidence and really listen to what everyone has to say, be it a homeless person or
Mike, my big-assed Canadian friend.

The effect of all of this has been to make life more exciting. I am now living the tenet that
you really can learn something from everyone. You must simply keep your ears open and your
mouth shut–the latter being hard for me at times. This is a tough one for us argumentative North
Americans–a people who seem to have an opinion about everything whether we are naive or not.
I admire Japanese for being so honest. If you ask them their opinion on a topic and they don’t know
anything about it, they say they don’t know. Whereas, North Americans seem to have an unwritten
law which states we must state our opinion on every topic no matter how clue less we are–I digress.

Having grown up in a medical family and a university educated one at that, many of the topics we
discussed around the dinner table had to be proven concretely. Were they not, then they were often
dismissed as hearsay. I suppose in many ways this is a good way to debate, however it limits you to
topics you can prove physically. What it did do for my father as a doctor was, prevent him from harming
the many pregnant women who asked him for thalidomide to ease their morning sickness. Those women
must be forever thankful that my father said, “No.” It saved their baby. Dad didn’t believe that this
new drug (at the time) had been proven beyond a doubt. Unfortunately for many, he was right.
For his profession, caution is a very good thing. I am thankful my father was cautious and waited for
concrete evidence.

Too many of us though, think within the box. We wait for it to be proven. We are too cautious about
everything. I have harped on this theme before but believe it to be important. We really need to get
away from what other people think, and think for ourselves. Be brave, and be willing to be laughed at,
as all new ideas are. Then, there are times when we cannot wait for things to be proven. There are
times when technologically they cannot be. Perhaps they will never be proven technologically, but will
be accepted once most of us have experience the phenomenon. Certainly there are times to wait for the
evidence as my father did, and there are times when we cannot and need to strike out on our own.

Many well educated people observe that Shirley Maclaine and her ideas are loony. What I see are
some very uncomfortable people, not willing to suspend their disbelief to really think if what she has been
saying might be true. If it comes in a pill it must be safe right? But if it comes out of a Hollywood actresses’
mouth it must be crap? We have become boring. We need to take a page from the Middle Ages and bring
back a little of the magic. We need to wonder about the world more, and not think we have all the answers,
because we certainly don’t.

I think the little buggies will eat my body, but my spirit will soar and so will yours. See you up there!

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