A Transcendental Solution

A Transcendental Solution

by Kevin R. Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

I thought this was a great quote from the famous Dan Millman. To me it sums up mindfulness–being aware of the mind but not taking seriously the endless chatter that comes from it. Just watching the thoughts go by
like things floating down river from you–passing you by:

Dan Millman on: “A Transcendental Solution”

“There is another, more radical solution to the problem of the mind: Let it be. Make peace with and accept it as it is. No need to fix or quiet it or do anything else about it. The mind is like a barking dog. You don`t have to get rid of the dog. After all, dogs naturally bark. Focus instead on directing your attention to what you are doing and let the dog bark. Let your thoughts be whatever they are, positive or negative, and get on with life. Learn self-compassion; make peace with your mind.

This is the highest form of meditation.

Many of us feel the need to quiet our minds because we are afraid of them–afraid of what we might think; afraid of negative, fearful, unpleasant,erotic, forbidden, disgusting thoughts; afraid of mental impulses.

Freedom from such fear comes when you realize three things:
First, thoughts are only the play of light on a movie screen. While thoughts may, like a movie, simulate laughter or tears, they have no intrinsic reality.

Second, although you can distract yourself or direct your attention elsewhere, you cannot control your thoughts.

Third, and most important, since you cannot control or stop them, you are not responsible for your thoughts, no matter how good or bad they may seem. How can you be responsible for thoughts or comets or sunspots or anything else you cannot control? You cannot control thoughts, only your response to them.”

– Dan Millman, p157,158 “Everyday Enlightenment”

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